Dan's Garden: Canna lilies

Published: Oct. 11, 2019 at 5:14 PM CDT
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Certain flowers bloom until we get snow and Dan Cashman shares with us a special flower.

I love Canna lilles. When I was growing up in Minnesota we called them Connie’s flower because my sister Connie has her birthday on August 27 and they would always be blooming and my father could take her in front of the cannas and take pictures of her. Well these have been blooming all through August and September and these Canna lilles are called "the president." They come in red, yellow or orange, they get about four or five feet high. There are also shorter varieties that only get two or three feet high. These big ones you plant about two feet apart. They like kind of a nice, rich soil. They do respond to a high phosphorus fertilizer and they bloom a lot if you fertilize them two or three times every summer. They are very low maintenance. They have big luxurious leaves, kind of like leaves on a banana tree and their lots of color. So if you’re thinking about having something like this next year, you can plant them in the spring, you can pot them in your house, or plant them right outside, but you can get a jump start and get them bigger so that you have color all through August and September. But in the fall, remember you've got to dig them up after a frost, put them in a burlap bag with moist peat moss, store them in a root cellar at 40 degrees or cooler, and next year you’ll have lots of color. Until then, good gardening.