Dan's Garden: Patio and shaded front yard

Published: Sep. 14, 2018 at 1:09 PM CDT
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Once again, our traveling garden is on the north side of Bismarck on Juniper Drive at Coral and Dennis Willars backyard.

I love the planting of all these glad’s and bulbs that Coral has to bring back in the house in the winter, she puts them in the refrigerator, and the hearty mums. These are the ones that live year to year and I love the curvy lines that lead your eyes to the next planting.

She’s got a fern garden over here with ferns and Fern Leave Peonies. And over here, her container garden with all the annual flowers that are just beautiful all summer long.

And a hybrid tea garden. Away from the house, where it’s not so hot, she cuts them back to knee-high to cover them for the winter, either with bags of leaves. Or she’ll put chicken wire around them or something like that and fill it up to protect them.

In their front yard, which is the north side of the house, its different because its shady here.

I’m underneath an Ornamental Pear that’s a beautiful tree. Nice and clean. And Hydrangeas that bloom all summer. Anna Belle a beautiful plant and I love the Irises with a nice, grassy look and the Hostas and the Astilbe that bloom so long during the summer, and the curvy lines that lead you along.

And underneath the ornamental pear they got beautiful Impatience great color all the time.

Thank you Coral, thank you Dennis for letting us be in your yard.

Lots of great ideas, and until next week, good gardening.