Dan's Garden

Published: Sep. 8, 2018 at 8:34 AM CDT
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Having a sloping backyard usually means no usable green space, but this backyard makes use of that slope and more.

Dan is traveling and shows us this great use of this yard.

Our traveling garden this week is in north Bismarck on Juniper drive a fun yard that we are in its Coral and Dennis Willars yard.

Lots of great interesting things here with all the different levels. Up on top on the left they got their vegetables. Their tomatoes their peppers.

All their little vegetables plants and a great drip systems all thru out that they can run when they want too waters their roots doesn’t waste ant water.

Dennis is very handy at making things they got a nice windmill and the little Dutch looking people. Coral is of Dutch decent so hence we got all the

Dutch influence. Beautiful. On the right is a butterfly garden up on the top and bird feeders here and there things to attract butterflies and

the birds and feed them. Coming down the steps got gazing globes and a beautiful sun dial and bird baths lots of embellishments. I like that

adds a lot of interest and the walls give you different heights. Beautiful perennial garden here on my left many different kinds of perennials.

I love the high bush cranberry with its fruit now that will feed the birds later in the winter. And also here is a memorial garden for her parents with the roses

And the little fountain and the nice beautiful plants and the vines along the wall. So lots of good ideas for things you can do with a backyard that might

Have been difficult before with all these slopes. So thank you to Coral and thanks to Dennis for letting us be in their yard and until next week