Planting in sun and shade

Published: Jul. 27, 2018 at 8:50 PM CDT
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Our travelling garden is with Janelle’s again on north Mandan street in Bismarck.

This is the west side of the house that you grew up in and last week we talked about the container gardening but you have sun and shade and heat and cold, tell us about what you got.

What you wanna do is according to the sun pattern when you plant. I’ve got hot hot stuff here because I’m going to get that hot sun in the late afternoon.

As you keep going here you here you are going to get shade here so you want hostas you want asstillbys, Everything here that’s going to be in the shade.

All the way down here you can throw in a couple of containers that always adds to the attractions so then I get back here now I got pure sun.

Again so that’s how you wanna do that.

And the containers and hanging baskets are great up by the front door where you can’t grow anything you got nice containers.

Its warm people walk in they see the color they must just love it it’s a great yard you have so much going here.

That it is. Until next week everybody good gardening and watch for Janelle’s yard.