Dan's Garden: Fall planting

Published: Sep. 28, 2018 at 3:03 PM CDT
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In between hunting, fishing and watching football games, there’s a few things you should be doing this fall in your yard and in your garden.

It’s one of my favorite times of year, especially to plant certain things like tulips crocuses and daffodils, all the bulbs that bloom in the spring. This is the time to plant them, they need to rest period. Also, we think now about planting asters and Autumn Joy sedum, and other perennials that look great in August September and October, because now they are in their glory, they are very hearty and you can plant them anytime. But now is a good time to plant and water them in.

If you haven’t wrapped your shade trees and your fruit trees you might want to do that now, whether you use a plastic tree protector or the crepe just in case the mice and rabbits are around this winter and they like to chew on the bark. And of course mums look good now, also if you haven’t fertilized your lawn with a winterizing fertilizer this is the time. It will make the roots stronger and do better in the spring. And of course, we are picking all our pumpkins and all our zucchini and all our tomatoes.

It’s been a great summer for gardening. We have a good hand out of what to do in the fall if you go to Cashman-nursery.com look at the tips from Cashman Nursery, it gives you some ideas and recap.

So next week we’ll talk about seeding and sodding, and until then, good gardening.