Dangerous wind chills have parents working hard to keep kids warm

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Harsh wind chills are expected all night and into Tuesday. Once you get into the high teens below zero wind chills are nothing to sneeze at. With the kids home from school because of the holiday, some parents needed to get creative.

Don't let the sun, or even the temperature fool you. The wind makes it downright dangerous to be outside.

Even with that knowledge some parents are having difficulty convincing their kids to bundle up.

It makes things more difficult. It's a little harder to get out of the house, but it's definitely worth it once you get out there," said Joanna Goeden, Mom.

"I have a mix of kids that are from elementary through high school and college. The college kids are finally getting it on their own the little kids listen to me, the high school kids I don't have a chance with " said Melanie Konieczka, mom.

Regardless of what your kids want, it's imperative the dress for the treacherous temperatures.

"When we start to get anywhere above 30 degrees below zero, or below 30 degrees below zero with those wind chill values that's when we see frost bite setting in in less than 10 minutes, so it's definitely one of those things not tread lightly with," said KFYR-TV meteorologist Curt Olson.

Some moms and dads have to be creative when planning activities for their kids.

"He sure likes to be outside. He's got a truck at home that he likes to drive outside and we have to say no to him but we try to find other options," said Goeden.

However you can't stay inside forever. Eventually we all have to face the cold, so dress accordingly.

Now you've already heard it several times but central North Dakota will remain under a wind advisory until noon Tuesday, with possible wind chill temperatures nearing 40 or 45 below zero.