Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch works through pandemic

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BISMARCK, N.D. - While most students are working from home, some classes at Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch are still in session.

Staff at the Ranch have made changes to work through the pandemic, but staff says the services provided are still going strong.

Every day for the last ten years, case worker Katie Boucher goes to work at the Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch.

"I honestly can't imagine doing anything else. It's not a field that you just sign up for willy-nilly. You really have to be committed to working through really difficult situations," Boucher says.

She says the services they provide are essential to the well being of troubled children.

"The skills that we provide are not just focused on their mental health. It's really about helping them develop as people," Boucher says.

The Ranch provides children ages 10 to 18 with education and residential therapy treatments.
Many students are still living on campus. However, the pandemic has forced the grounds to adapt.

"We've closed all our doors to visitors and that going on has been a big change. It's been a strain on the families but they've really been working with us to make sure that is the best thing for kids. We also have a lot less traffic coming through. No volunteers," says Vice President of Partner and Community Relations Jim Vetter.

While life at the Ranch has changed, staff says the adjustments haven't stopped them from providing a safe place for the kids.

The Ranch is still taking new admissions at all its campuses in Minot, Bismarck and Fargo.
To enroll or learn more you can call your local Ranch at 800-593-3098.