Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch Spreads Awareness on World Day of Bullying Prevention

Published: Oct. 7, 2019 at 6:07 AM CDT
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Today is World Day of Bullying Prevention. As a response, Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch is joining schools and communities around the globe in teaching prevention.

Staff at the Ranch is used to talking to children about their feelings.

The goal at the ranch is to help kids with behavioral and mental health issues develop coping skills.

This month, they're incorporating a specific topic into their agenda--bullying prevention.

"One of the things that we talk to our kids about is that everyone has their own battle that they're fighting. And so, we have to remember to be kind because we don't know what struggles other people are dealing with,” says Director of Residential Services Kaitlin Kinsella.

The Ranch polled its students and found 86% of its kids have been bullied and 70% have bullied someone else.

Now they're taking action. Staff and students made kind-themed decor and the children are dressing in blue today, which is a reminder to nip bullying in the bud.

"One of our really big goals is to have an adult in every classroom that cares about the student and cares that they feel like a real human being and can grow from that daily. So it's very huge that our kids feel supported in every aspect of their growth," says Dean of Students Jenny Bernhardt.

Staff says bullying-prevention doesn't stop after the day is over. At the Ranch and for the viewers at home, they say communication is one of the biggest tools for spreading kindness.

For more information on the anti-bully cause, you can visit

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