22 Dakota Access Pipeline protesters arrested for criminal trespass, hindering law enforcement

Published: Sep. 13, 2016 at 2:17 PM CDT
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Dakota Access Pipeline protesters moved their efforts to a new location Tuesday, and there were also more arrests.

Two people locked themselves to equipment on a Dakota Access construction site near Glen Ullin, according to protester Phil Strickland and later confirmed by Morton County Sheriff's Department. Twenty others were arrested for trespassing. This isn't the first time protesters have interrupted construction, and authorities believe it won't be the last.

Pipeline employees called authorities early Tuesday morning about a group of protesters on their construction site. Twenty-two people were arrested, and some didn't cooperate with officers.

"A couple of the individuals that laid down or refused to walk on their own were carried to the transporter vans," says Sheriff Dean Danzeisen, Mercer County Sheriff's Department.

The two protesters who attached themselves to equipment were arrested for disorderly conduct, criminal trespass and hindering law enforcement. Twenty other people were taken into custody for trespassing on private land. Authorities say they're preparing for similar protest actions in the coming weeks.

"We have been planning for a long time for any actions. No matter where it's at, we hope that they could do it peacefully and, you know, not on private property," says Danzeisen.

A bus carrying law enforcement arrived at the scene, some wearing riot gear. Some protesters were surprised, but Sheriff Danzeisen says it's for safety.

"It's always officer safety, and safety of the individuals, of course, but we have to be prepared for anything that comes in play," says Danzeisen.

The two men are now removed from the equipment.

All protesters we approached refused to comment on camera about the incident.


A protester against the Dakota Access Pipeline says two people have locked themselves to equipment and authorities are making arrests.

Phil Strickland of South Dakota says the events happened at a Dakota Access Pipeline site 10 miles west of New Salem. He says work was being done there Tuesday morning, and protesters halted it.

Strickland adds that about 60 people came to show their support throughout the day.