Dairy Queen Reopens, Marking 70 Years in Business

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BISMARCK, ND - The Dairy Queen at the intersection of North Washington Street and West Broadway Avenue is set to open Wednesday.

Not only is it the annual reopening of this Dairy Queen, but the day also marks the 70th anniversary of this local landmark.

Lethe Hoxtelle, the general manager at the Dairy Queen at the corner of Washington and Broadway, is getting ready to open for Spring. She says this location offers something unique to the community.

"We love opening up this location just because it's like old school, and people love just walking up and getting their treats," Hoxtelle says.

Hoxtelle is topping off the sprinkles containers and assembling machines to prepare for a busy season.

"We could have 200 people. You know, the afternoons are busy... especially during the month of May when school gets out," Hoxtelle explains.

Hoxtelle says this location gets lots of business because it's across the street from the city pool. She and ten other employees will be will be serving up soft serve at this Dairy Queen until they close their doors in the Fall.

Hoxtelle says, DQ fans can look forward to summer Blizzard flavors, like cotton candy and new treats, like cup-fections.