DSU off-campus housing set to reopen despite parking debate

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DICKINSON, N.D. - DSU students will soon be able to live in the off campus building Blue Hawk Square again. But some neighbors say they want the building to stay closed until a problem is fixed.

"People were jam-packed in my alley area, and I have a house 94 steps to the north. I had to carve out at my own expense three more parking spots," says Todd Berger, property owner.

Property owners and residents around the complex say when the building was open, students took much needed parking spaces.

"The students, out of habit, will park right on the street because it's in front of the door," says Berger.

Now, students will only be allowed to park on the DSU campus - two blocks away from the housing complex.

Some residents argue that the conflict will only worsen.

"I know you guys don't wanna walk two, three blocks home to your house when it's 40 below. I sure don't. They're not gonna," says Lloyd Lindbo, resident.

Owner of Oasis Inn Shel Thompson owns a parking lot across the street that was designated for student parking.

"The parking wouldn't have been a problem at all, except they had no management, no surveillance, and people will naturally park as close as they can," says Oasis Inn Owner, Shel Thompson.

DSU President Mitzel says with the lack of housing on campus, Blue Hawk Square is much needed. He says the university plans to work closely with residents to ensure they have access to their street.

"If our students who are parking in Blue Hawk Square are parking in a residential area, we will work to have those vehicles towed, and the students will have to pay for that," says Mitzel.

Mitzel says a resident assistant will also be appointed to monitor the area closely.