DSU holds KickstART Your Career Conference

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DICKINSON, N.D. - Our education system has increasingly focused on science and math to prepare students to compete on a global level. Tuesday, Dickinson State University held a conference that focused on the importance of arts instead.

DSU students learned how they could KickstART their careers in the art industry.

"There's a real love for art in North Dakota. More than I realized," says Sally Hereuf, art entrepreneurship major.

Community leaders, business owners and artists stressed the social and economic impact art has on communities.

They also spoke to students about how creativity can be applicable to any field.

"Whether you're taking a literature class or a history course or you're taking theater or music, it's important for everyone to have a diverse education. Art students should also take math and science. That's why you have those general education curriculum courses. But the arts are also important in that area," says Josh Nichols, Moderator, DSU Advisory Committee For Fine and Performing Arts Member.

Panelists highlighted the importance of networking as an artist, as well as turning it into a profitable career.

"Whether it's a career for an individual student who says 'I like art, I like to dabble in this, but it's not my full time job. I want to do something more secure,' Or it's a student who wants to be an artist, but they want to know how other people are impacted by that as well," says Nichols.

Students say they left the conference with a better idea of how to manage their future careers.

"We're learning about how we can get our art on the market, how we can make a name for ourself. And I think that kind of, this really helps us learn that information. Why the art is important and how we can get our names out there," says Briana Dolechek, art education major.

DSU will be holding a community arts and crafts show Dec. 8.