DOT reminds travelers of road report messages

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WILLISTON, N.D. - With the weather outside likely remaining frightful for the next few months, it's important to be careful on the roads or stay off them if necessary.

With two major snow storms already coming through, more are likely to follow.

"The weather right now is getting very rough at times between snow drifts, blowing snow, blizzards - those sort of things," says Christian Calabres, DOT.

The DOT has three categories of advisories they put out when the conditions get bad. The first is a Travel Advisory.

"Which just means motorists should remain cautious of where they're traveling," says Calabres.

The next one is No-Travel Advised.

"That means emergency services might not be able to reach you in the event of an issue," says Calabres.

Finally, the last one is Road Closed or Blocked.

"You may be fined up to $250 for traveling on the roadway. This is mainly for everyone's safety. When the roads get into conditions such as that, travel is extremely difficult," says Calabres.

The DOT also has several resources available for drivers.

"Fully interactive travel map where you can check the conditions of every major roadway in North Dakota. You can see if there is blowing snow, you can see if there is ice or sleet, or if no travel has been advised,"says Calabres.

If you do go out and travel, there are several ways to stay safe on the roads.

"Motorists should keep their speeds down, be aware of the conditions that are occurring; be aware of the conditions that are happening in advance; check weather and check radar and make sure they are prepared," says Calabres.

Also be sure to have an emergency kit in your vehicle, just in case.

Calabrese says to dial 511 for immediate roadway information or tune in to 660 AMM KEYZ radio.