D.O.T. preparing for winter with Bi-directional TowPlow

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BISMARCK, N.D. The state Department of Transportation is getting ready for the first big snow storm of the season.

The Bi-directional TowPlow is used for snow operations in the Bismarck area. It'll help clear a wider path than the normal snowplow D.O.T. currently uses.

The new $140,000 trailer mounted plow is pulled by a truck.

The combination of the front truck plow along with the new one clears a wider path for drivers, more cost efficient and clears roadways quicker.

"It's a tool in our tool box basically depending on the conditions. We can use those TowPlow's to apply brine, or we can use them to clear out the larger sections of snow," said Dean Schloss, maintenance coordinator.

"It can clear off about 30 foot at a time. You can clean the driving lane and the wide shoulder all at once," said Brian Schell, Tech Three.

The bi-directional TowPlow can also spray lanes, or whatever's needed to clear the roadways.

Because of its wider plow capabilities the DOT recommends people be cautious around it and all plows while they're out working.

"If they just slow down a little bit, and not go around until we put the TowPlow back into where it's supposed to be, that would be nice," said Schell.

The Department of Transportation has 57 snow plow trucks out of the Bismarck District waiting to get used at the first sight of snow.

For more information about the snow plow, you can go to http://www.dot.nd.gov/travel/