DLB students win scholarships, support local causes

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BURLINGTON, N.D. - United Community Bank awarded two scholarships to DLB graduates with its Community Scholarship Program.

DLB's Hannah Bonness said her time studying, working on the family farm, and being a Somerset nurse aid has made her into the student she is today.

"Just building that work ethic all through the years and maintaining good grades," said Bonness.

Fellow Laker graduate Coy Peterson said growing up with two brothers who have become pharmacists has shown her the way.

"Watching them working really hard throughout their high school and college careers, one is 30 and one is 24 so just growing up seeing that my entire life gave me a lot of motivation to be a good student," said Peterson

Bonness is giving her $500 scholarship gift to Vitalant after she's seen the need for blood donations firsthand.

"My grandparents were in a really bad car accident last year and had to go through some pretty extensive surgery and needed blood donation. When COVID-19 first started, I realized that there was such a high need for blood donations and a low supply," said Bonness.

Peterson's check will be going to the Minot Alzheimer's Association to help fight a disease that's affected her family.

"My grandma is my best friend, and she has had Alzheimer's since I can remember. It can provide comfort for people who already have this disease. There are a lot of medications that can help slow down the process, so I think this can go towards that or it can help go towards families who need help taking care of their loved ones who already have Alzheimer's," said Peterson.

Bonness and Peterson will be pursuing medical careers by attending the University of North Dakota, hoping to make a difference in people's lives.

Bonness and Peterson received an additional $1,000 in scholarship money from United Community Bank.