DAPL protesters launch campaign to target media they say are showing bias against them

Published: Nov. 21, 2016 at 5:28 PM CST
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Those involved in the Dakota Access Pipeline protest movement are using every form of social media to get their message across, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

But some have also launched a campaign to target media organizations they say are showing bias against them.

Lists telling people to call different North Dakota agencies have been spreading on social media, along with lists targeting the media.

Activists call a television station and ask why reporters aren't covering the pipeline protest. Many admit they have been told to call from a list.

Monday, the KVLY newsroom in Fargo got calls from more than two dozen people from states like New Jersey, Florida, Texas, California and Colorado.

One social justice warrior agreed to do a interview.

"What it is I guess, is someone trying to bring the people's voice out a little more. So what we are doing is essentially calling news stations and just simply ask if they are covering it, and if not we ask why," says Maximo Abreu, Union City, NJ.

Abreus says he has no connection to Standing Rock, but claims he is fighting for human rights.

He says protesters are being mistreated.

He was asked about protesters being aggressive and breaking the law and said: "That is just a natural reaction. What it seems to me from what I'm seeing, they were being aggressive first. The police are actually came in aggressive," says Abreus.

Another protester from California said he was calling because local news organizations are not airing what he claims are assaults by police.

Others protesters are calling, falsely accusing local news stations of working for the oil company.