Dakota Access Pipeline company donates to first responder groups

Published: Oct. 24, 2019 at 10:45 PM CDT
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Dakota Access Pipeline, LLC has donated about a million dollars to counties along the length of the pipeline.

Mercer, Morton, and Emmons Counties each received a $20,000 cut of the money. One portion of Morton's money is going toward new infrared cameras for firefighters in the county. The rest has been divided out to responder groups.

"About ninety-five percent of response agencies within Morton County are volunteer. So they're volunteer fire and volunteer ambulance, so they don't get paid and they don't get allocation of money other than some local taxes. So anytime they get a donation it's well put to use," said Joel Rostberg, Assistant Emergency Manager.

Morton County leaders plan to use a couple thousand dollars of the money for a training exercise this winter.