Cyber Monday Security

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People love online shopping for different reasons.

"I love online shopping cause you can stay home on your couch in your PJs, and just go shopping. You don't have to deal with all of the people trying to get in line and buy things," said Desirae Hyde, a student attending the University of Mary.

Whatever your reason, Cyber Monday can be one of the best days to shop from home.

But with all the convenience the internet brings with it, extra risks risks are lurking, and you have to learn to stay safe.

"If you go online shopping, make sure you are shopping on reputable online locations," said Pat Renz, a crime prevention officer.

"I kinda look at the reviews on there to see what they have on there," said Hyde.
Even something like donating to charity over the internet can have risks.

"You want to make sure you resource that charity and you are donating to a reputable charity," said Renz.

One last thing to watch out for is to make sure that it says 'https' at the front of a website name rather than 'http'. The added 's' means the website is more secure.

According to over a billion dollars were spent online on Cyber Monday last year.