Crossing guards have extra task in cold weather

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BISMARCK, N.D. - While safety is the main concern for school crossing guards, they are tasked with keeping watch for something else when winter rolls around.

Students are showing up to school in these sub-zero temperatures wearing nothing but a light jacket.

Crossing guards at Northridge Elementary in Bismarck catch the kids before they even make it in the doors and remind them to bundle up.

Some kids come to school covered for the cold. You're really bundled up aren't you? And some don't.

“Yeah, I actually crossed a kid that didn't have a hat or gloves, no pants or boots and his jacket was wide open,” said crossing guard Jennifer Pischel.

If kids don't come prepared for the weather, the school is.

“We do have a lot of snow pants, hats and gloves and stuff that we keep on hand at school just in case they don't have them. Especially for the kids that have lower income families. But some kids just choose not to which is kind of sad,” said Pischel.

“If they're not bundled up enough I try to give them a reminder but that's about the best I can do. That is my goal is to keep them safe,” said Samantha Rudolph, crossing guard.

“I think they are really, really dedicated. They are always really bundled up,” said Bismarck Public School parent Rose Lee.

“I have lots and lots of layers on. I have a big sweater underneath my coat, and I have hand warmers in my gloves and my boots,” said Rudolph.

“If I had that job I don't know that I would do it because sometimes it is really cold. They brave the weather so that's kudos to them,” said Lee.

All for the safety of the students.

The guards say its ultimately the parents responsibility to make sure the kids are appropriately dressed when they leave the house and hop out of the car.

But for the days when it slips your mind - if you have any outgrown winter clothing you can donate it to the schools for kids to borrow.