Crisis Care Chaplaincy decorates and delivers cookies to inmates on Christmas

Published: Dec. 25, 2019 at 10:56 AM CST
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The Crisis Care Chaplaincy partnered with Bearscat Bakehouse to provide Christmas cookies for all inmates and correctional officers at the Burleigh-Morton Detention Center.

A sprinkle of hope, being spread through a holiday tradition.

"I just hope they know that they being thought of and that they're more than inmates and that they're someone's dad, brother, or mother or sister,” says Julie Burgard, a volunteer.

The idea was found on a Cass County social media page, and was brought to the attention of the Chaplaincy.

"I feel that by giving cookies to the inmates and our Correctional officers that it will bring them hope," says Greg Carr, a Chaplain.

Hope, in a time of need where many are spending the holiday away from family and friends.

"It’s not as bad as things look, hope that maybe they can better themselves while they're here, hope that they're family is going to be taken care of," says Carr.

The cookie tradition is the first of its kind in the new jail.

"When we had the old jail, our Chaplin would give out candy bars," says Carr.

However, the sweet treat, is spreading hope along with holiday cheer.

The Chaplaincy handed out nearly 400 cookies that were all decorated by volunteers on Monday.