Cracks appear on glass viewing platform of Willis Tower in Chicago, frightening visitors

CHICAGO (CNN) – People visiting an observation deck in Chicago looked down and saw something scary: a glass ledge splintered into thousands of pieces.

The SkyDeck ledge of the Willis Tower appeared to crack under visitors' feet Monday. (Source: Jesus Pintado/CNN)

The protective layer covering the glass floor of the SkyDeck, the sightseeing box on the 103rd floor of the Willis Tower, somehow shattered Monday.

A Willis Tower spokesperson said no one was in any danger, but Chicago-area resident Jesus Pintado, the man who took video of the splintered protective layer, said a woman with her two kids was so scared she turned pale.

Workers were later seen fixing the protective layer – which also cracked in May 2014, making for a similar panic.

Willis Tower attracts about 1.5 million visitors each year.

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