Cow vaccination season

It's vaccination season and that goes for livestock as well as humans.

Some ranchers are vaccinating their cattle now, others are holding off for a few days. One veterinarian in Mandan says it's best to vaccinate cattle when they aren't stressed. But, he adds If you're planning on weaning within the next month, you'll want to vaccinate right now...provided we aren't faced with another storm or additional environmental stress.

"Stress in general, a vaccine can create stress, or create fever responses in these cattle, which drives their natural cortisol levels very high so number one they don't respond to the vaccine and number two it adds additional stress to the cattle so they can get disease, if they're carrying disease it'll bring the disease to real life," said Dr. Blaine Hopfauf, Interstate Veterinary Clinic

It's important to call your vet if you have any questions or are looking for recommendations on when you should vaccinate.