Council president pushes flood protection in Minot budget recommendations

The president of the Minot City Council has recommended reducing city employee salary increases and redirecting more sales tax dollars, in an effort to maintain focus on flood protection efforts amid the city’s tight 2018 budget.

Council President Mark Jantzer made the recommendations Friday in his formal budget letter submitted to Mayor Chuck Barney and the city’s aldermen.

Jantzer said reducing city employee salary increases by half would save the city more than $568,000.

Jantzer recommended suspending the first-penny sales tax contribution to the city’s Magic Fund and redirecting it to flood protection. He also recommended suspending the Community Facilities Grants and redirect future funds to flood control as well.

“My belief is that, in the current environment, it makes more sense to direct that money to flood control, which is a top priority and need for our community. We can do a lot of economic development with the $7 million balance ,” said Jantzer.

There will be a public hearing on first reading of the budget on Thurs., Sept. 14.

You can find the full preliminary budget here:

Jantzer’s full letter is attached to this story.