Could GM workers look for jobs in Williston?

Photo: General Motors
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General Motors CEO Mary Barra faced lawmakers Thursday on Capitol Hill to answer questions about the direction and future of the company.

Last week, General Motors announced it was cutting 14,000 workers and is planning the closure of five North American plants. GM says the reduction will also include about 8,000 white-collar employees. Williston Workforce Manager Paula Hickel says it is possible that many of those affected could see the opportunities in western North Dakota and make the move. Hickel says she and her staff are preparing for all possibilities and are looking forward to filling those needs.

"Well we certainly going to anticipate that there is going to be needs elsewhere in the nation and we may have some of those positions to fill, those spots that people are looking for. I don't really anticipate they'll be rushing out here right now. It's not a great time of year for people to be flocking to North Dakota, but it could happen," said Hickel.