Cops and Kids Fishing Tournament

Published: Aug. 1, 2018 at 6:37 PM CDT
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The Cops and Kids Fishing Tournament hosted more than 50 kids at Harmon Lake Wednesday.

Officers say this helps them bond with kids in our community.

KFYR-TV went out with one group that didn't catch many fish but reeled in me mories that will last a lifetime.

It's not every day you're able to go out on a boat with an officer and fish.

But organizers say it's not all about catching the fish but also building a strong relationship.

The group I visited with today had a rough start, but never lost hope.

Dozens of officers, kids and parents out on the lake building a stronger "reel"ationship.

"The biggest takeaway I would say is friendship," said Cade Garcia, Cops and Kids attendee.

Even if those friends are turtles.

Garccia said, "It was a team effort on the bro-ship."

The bro-ship as they called themselves had their luck turn around after the turtle went back into the lake.

"We have a little bet on the boat that whoever catches the least amount of fish may have to swallow a minnow," said Anthony Garcia, police youth worker.

"It's been pretty cool, I like fishing, I like being on a boat," said Seth Riendinger, Cops and Kids attendee.

Some’fin’ they'll never forget is the moments shared on the boat.

Now, as luck has it Anthony caught the fewest fish.

But whether he will have to swallow a minnow, well that's up to his bro-ship.

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