Controversy over Rep. Rick Becker's post

BISMARCK, N.D. - A social media post circling on Facebook is causing a controversy across the state.

Rep. Rick Becker, R-Bismarck, posted a meme on Saturday and says it was a light hearted way to send a serious message. He says many people see a government program or policies and don't think about the unintended consequences.

Some people on social media are asking for Becker's resignation and saying it's insensitive to victims of sexual assault.

Others supporting Becker say he should be able to exercise his First Amendment right of free speech.

"They want me to resign, close my business, be censored, have Facebook posts taken down. Again--this is their mentality if you say something that they can somehow twist and contort to be something that they can be outraged about then they want you silenced. They want to clamp down on you so that you're too fearful to say something that they disagree with. So NO! That's what I say, I ignore that, resignation what a joke," said Becker

Becker's campaign suggested to fundraise from the situation for his run for re-election. Becker says it can seem kind of odd but he stands by it because he wants to fight for his and everyone's first amendment rights.

The Democratic NPL Chairman Warren Larson says Becker's refusal to apologize and fundraising from this controversy shows QUOTE his indifference to the pain sexual assault victims face every day.

Becker says the post had nothing to do with sexual assault or victims and will not be deleting it from his account and continue to be unapologetic for it.