Controversial 'White Sharia Now' signs posted in Bismarck

BISMARCK, N.D. - One of the troubling aspects that we've observed about social media is that nameless, faceless people can make horrifying comments and remain anonymous.

But it doesn't always require a phone or a computer.

Case in point, someone posted white supremacy messages around Bismarck last week.

They've been taken down, but there's still plenty of chatter about it.

The signs said “White Sharia Now.” White Sharia is a term white supremacist use referring to a way of life that is racist and portrays women as inferior to men.

We spoke to many neighbors and they all agree that hatred isn't going to be tolerated in Bismarck.

“It's very upsetting," said Bismarck resident Barbara Evanson.

Bruce and Barbara Evanson have lived on Avenue D for more than five decades and say hatred isn't tolerated.

"We're grateful things like this seldom, if ever, raise their ugly head in this community. So, we need to continue to work together," said Evanson.

Bismarck Police Chief Dan Donlin said he found more than four of these signs around 2nd and 5th sStreet on Avenue C and Avenue B.

"To see the community on Facebook rally around intolerance regarding something like white Sharia being posted in our community, I was just proud," said Donlin.

Donlin mentions that although it's free speech, posting signs on telephone poles is illegal.

No one knows who posted the signs or what their motive was but people I spoke to say they will remain unified no matter what.