Construction crews begin work on 3rd Williston Firehouse

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WILLISTON, N.D. - Last year, the Williston Fire Department opened a second firehouse. Friday, crews are building a third one.

It's been a rough winter for construction crews.

"Three blizzards, lots of high winds up here, 45-50 mile an hour, we've had a lot of our plastic enclosures get destroyed overnight because the winds have come through," says Bob Bolles, Project Superintendent.

Despite the elements, workers are right on track to complete the building.

"It's similar to station two in size and layout. The only difference is this will have our emergency operation center in it," says Jason Catrambone, Williston Fire Chief.

The third station is in the Harvest Hills area, just down the street from Williston's new high school.

"This has been one of those areas that's a little ways out from station one and a little ways out form station two, so this fills in our coverage map and allows us to get really good response times all over the city," says Catrambone.

With the city's growth, this area has more people than ever before.

"It's a big travel area. A lot of residences up here now, both single family and multi-family, and it's an area where we run quite a few calls, so this is going to provide that next level of service up in this area," says Catrambone.

Crews are now working to enclose the building to start work on the interior.

"Well the framers are working on the sheeting, they're putting the roof sheeting on right now, they'll be buttoning up that in the next week, getting the windows in, getting that stuff taken care of as well," says Bolles.

When the new building is completed, response times to the area will drop considerably.

The building is expected to open up around August.