Constitutional Carry Bill passes N.D. Senate 34 to 13

Published: Mar. 21, 2017 at 6:26 PM CDT
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North Dakotans are a signature away from being able to carry a concealed firearm without any additional training.

Tuesday, the state Senate passed a bill, which removes that requirement.

With just the governor's signature, anyone who can legal carry a gun will be able to conceal that weapon and bring it anywhere guns are legally allowed.

While current restrictions on guns remain in place, such as bringing a firearm into a school, government building or anywhere else firearms are prohibited, you may soon be able to conceal a weapon after meeting the same requirements to buy one. That means just passing an open book test and pass a background check. Debate on the senate floor was a bit contentious.

"You just heard the chairman of our committee tell you all the ways you can have a permit. It's not too hard. If you can read, you can pass the test," said Sen. Caroyln Nelson, D-Fargo.

"I'm entitled to carry a firearm and the government doesn't get to finger print me, the government doesn't have to run me through a battery of tests and make me pass regardless of how simple or taxing they are," said Sen. Dave Hogue, R- Minot.

The bill passed 34 to 13 and will head to Gov. Doug Burgums desk for his approval.