Community seeks answers on Mandan officer shortage

MANDAN, N.D. - Mandan Police Department is short officers, and some people want to know what can be done about it.

The Deputy Chief says many officers leave because of low pay and benefits, and the department is working with the city to find a solution.

Mandan Commissioner and ex-police chief Dennis Rohr says providing an increase in pay raise and retirement and medical benefits isn't financially sound.

The Mandan Police Department being short officers has some residents concerned.

"We're seven short and the people that live here are going to hurt from it," said Ted Beckler, Mandan resident.

The Mandan City Commissioners say they are looking into how they can help with the officer shortage.

"We're looking to try to overcome that and provide a better medical benefit, of course this can be very expensive," said Rohr.

Many community members say the city should give the department what they ask for.

"And if you have to take it out of the budget, you do. And you do with the budget what you have to do," said Beckler.

Rohr says it's not easy to please everyone.

"Fairness is a matter of perception in the eyes of the beholder. What's fair for you may not be fair for me," said Rohr.

Fair to community members is keeping the area safe.

Rohr says they'll continue to talk to the department to see where changes can be made.