Community Spotlight: Souris Valley Animal Shelter

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MINOT, N.D. - For just about 40 years, the Souris Valley Animal Shelter has been supplying animals and pet services to families.

The animal shelter reunites lost pets with their owners and finds homes for stray, surrendered and abandoned animals, but most of all their goal is to place all of their dogs and cats and other animals in environments of love.

Since 1987, the Souris Valley Animal Shelter has provided a safe haven for homeless animals that have no place to go. Approximately 75 animals are taken in per month.

Most animals that are taken in are already house broke and just looking for love, and they come in every shape and size.

"About 25% of the pets we see here are what are considered, purebred pets. It's not a very high number but if you are looking for a specific breed, we probably have it here. It's probably cheaper than going somewhere else," says Shelter Director, Randy McDonald.

Volunteers are vital when it comes to running the shelter and making sure the animals are happy and bringing joy to others..

"We need volunteers to help with therapy dogs. We need volunteers to help with our reading program and our humane education. These are things as easy as taking shelter pets to retirement homes or assisted living facilities to bring some enjoyment into their lives as well." says McDonald.

Volunteers have many different jobs that make the shelter so successful but before you can help there are a few things you have to learn.

"We'll sign you up for a Saturday class. It happens every Saturday at 3 p.m. It takes about half an hour depending on the size of the class. We show you the dos and don'ts of volunteering at the animal shelter," says McDonald.

After you taken the class once, you can come in any time the shelter is open and walk or play with any animal.

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