Community Spotlight: Scooter

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MINOT, N.D. - The most beautiful thing about dogs is you can't break their spirit. In this week Community Spotlight, we feature Scooter, a playful pup who, thanks to his donated wheelchair, doesn't have to scoot around anymore.

Three months ago, a puppy was found on the side of the road, and he lost both of his legs. Now, with the help of Home Depot, Scooter is able to get around with the best of them.

Scooter was found on the side of the road with six of his siblings that had died. Still fighting for his life, the Souris Valley Animal Shelter took him in.

"Scooter was brought in, still alive, and with a paralyzed leg. He had a deformity in one and the other one looked like it had been bitten," says Shelter Director, Randy McDonald.

After amputating his paralyzed leg, the plan was to rehab the injured leg.

"After a little bit of time, we realized we couldn't rehab the other, so they both were amputated," says McDonald.

Even with both his hind legs missing, Scooter doesn't let it slow him down.

"With Scooter, he can't tell that he has anything different with him. He think he's just another dog," says McDonald.

A wheelchair for a dog can cost $1,200, so the shelter went to the community to find a different option.

"We reached out to the public to see if we could try and make some sort of a wheelchair that he could get around better on. At that point, Home Depot came in and they decided that they would help us out," says McDonald.

Building a wheelchair takes time and patience. Everything must be perfect to avoid causing future problems.

"We have another volunteer that donates her time to make sure the straps fit right, that he's going to be secure, that it supports his bone growth, because he still is just a puppy. It's just amazing. We have those types of people involved in what we do," says McDonald.

The shelter says Scooter has stolen the hearts of many, so they don't think he will stay at the shelter for long.

"He's not going to be here long after the wheelchair is set. It's just a matter of finding the right parents for him at that point," says McDonald.

This act of kindness from the community will change Scooter's life forever. He will be placed with a foster family until he gets used to his wheelchair.