Community Spotlight: First Year Teachers

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This school year will be the start of many incredible memories and first time experiences for not just the students but the recently graduated college students who will be teaching this year.

At South Prairie School, Minot State Graduate DelRay Audet will spend her first year teaching art to students kindergarten through high school.

"I really want them to have a good experience with art because not every school has an actual art teacher. They don't get art all the time so I want them to have fun with it and have a great experience and really learn some great tips from me and just have fun," said South Prairie art instructor DelRay Audet.

Teachers have free reign over how their classroom is put together over the course of the school year, which comes in handy when you're an art teacher.

"As we get further into the year, I really want to display a lot of the students artwork in my classroom and kind of decorate it that way. Just putting up a bunch of art to inspire the students is the best idea. That's what I want to do anyway," said Audet.

Over at Longfellow Elementary, another former beaver is preparing herself to be the best teacher that she can be.

"There will be things that will be super hard in school and some days aren't going to be their best day but no matter what, they can come in my classroom know that I'm there for them and want them to succeed" said Jaci Norbury, first-grade teacher at Longfellow Elementary.

Teaching 1st grade children can be tough but if you love what you do, it's all worth it.

"These kids are at that fun age where they want to learn and want to do their best. Just their humor and when they interact with you. It's really funny, some of the stories that come up in first grade," said Norbury.

Teachers will spend 180 days with these students. During that time, teachers can form some pretty close bonds which only makes the last day of school harder.

"I think the hardest part of the school year will be the last day. They're going off and away and you don't stay in contact with them as well as you'd like," said Norbury.

These first year teachers will be paving the way for future generations and maybe even future teachers.