Community Action assists many people to keep cool in their home

When it's as hot at this, we tend not to spend too much time outside unless we have to.

Air conditioning can be a lifesaver.

But there are those who can't afford what to them might be considered a luxury.

Or they might have had it, but they don't have the money to fix it.
Sara Berlinger tells us a group called Community Action has stepped in to help many people cool off at home.

It's the sound Mandan resident Valada Glass was thankful to hear. Several days ago her trailer home was as hot as outside.

"An absolute relief I mean because I can't breathe without the air, I have to have it." - Valada Glass

This week the 77-year-old's central air unit broke down. Glass says she heard Community Action helped low-income families with cooling assistance and she's glad she made the call because they came right over and fixed it.

"I thank whoever thought of this program and who started it up had a terrific image of what human humanity should be." - Glass

It's days like today that people appreciate the cooling assistance program temperatures in the 80s and 90s have become the norm.

Community Action's cooling assistance programs help low-income households get air conditioning units and repair central air systems. Participants need to meet criteria to qualify and complete paperwork. They say they're more busy this summer.

"We've done I'd say roughly 14, 16 window units and we've done quite a few central air repairs." - Bill Miller, Auditor at Community Action Bismarck Region

Miller says they expect to stay busy cooling people off this summer because temperatures continue to stay high.

If you're interested in any of Community Action's Cooling Assistance Programs, call the Bismarck office at 701-258-2240.