Communication class for dog owners hits Bismarck

Have you ever wondered what your dog is thinking?

Today dog owners learned what every bark and every wag means at the dog communication class at the Bismarck Veterans Memorial Public Library.

Rain or shine, dog owners learned how to listen and communicate better with their pet.

"I'm learning that he's anxious and it's a reaction from the way I'm acting. So, I need to calm down to keep him calm," says Stephanie Dassinger, pet owner.

"Stroking of their forehead and calming the pet after our breathing exercises. You can see, she's already really relaxed and calm," says Kimberly Reuer, pet owner.

Dog communicator Andrea Miller loves teaching classes and giving back to the community.

"Once you start opening your heart, you actually start to know what the dog wants, you're able to listen in a way you couldn't before," says dog communicator Andrea Miller.

The event wasn't just for the dogs, it was for the owners as well.

"It really does help the behavior of the dog change, and it helps everybody. This is to train people, as much as it is to train your dog," says Miller.

After the group class, Miller went individually from dog to dog to get a one-on-one experience with the owner and their pets.

"It's really fun just to be able to come out in the community with our pets and interact with other dogs and dog owners," says Reuer.

Miller hopes to continue to teach classes to owners, either individually or in groups like today.

If you'd like Andrea Miller to come into your home and help you learn more about your pet you can email her at