Committees discuss repealing Sunday shopping regulations

BISMARCK, N.D. - It's not a new argument, but it always draws a crowd. We're talking about North Dakota's "blue laws" and lawmakers took up the issue at a hearing Wednesday.

The bill would allow businesses to open before noon on Sundays. However, it also states employers don't have to be open on Sundays if they don't want to be.

Those for and against showed up to explain why they think the bill should or shouldn't go forward. They touched on issues like spending time with family and going to church, and how to balance that with those who have to work.

“How would you feel if we as the legislature made a law that said do not step into that tractor cab until noon on Sunday,” Rep. Shannon Roers-Jones said.

“Humans and communities need periods of rest and free time that allow them to tend to family culture social and religious life,” Christopher Dodson of the North Dakota Catholic Conference said.

The Industry, Business and Labor committee didn't make a decision today.