Committee on Addiction forming Recovery Community Organization

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MINOT, N.D. - Last year, former Mayor Chuck Barney created the Committee on Addiction in response to the opioid epidemic in North Dakota. The group is now working toward creating the first Recovery Community Organization in the state.

RCO's provide resources, counseling, and other services that are designed to help those throughout their entire recovery. Comprised of one executive director that reports to six board members, the committee says this approach to treating addiction provides personalized and localized care. They require that three of the six board members actually be in recovery treatment, providing a voice from those with experience battling addiction.

“You have that hub in the center where that RCO is holding that hub. Then they can launch the people to those spokes where they can get job training or they can get help finding a home, or if they need health things,” said Paul Stroklund, committee’s project manager.

More information on the executive director and board positions can be found here: