Colombian alumni visit Assumption Abbey

RICHARDTON, N.D. - Assumption Abbey in Richardton founded a bilingual school in Bogota, Colombia in 1960. Two alums recently visited the abbey to share their experiences with the other monks.

These Colegio de San Juan alumni are taking a walk down memory lane.

"The elements of course, are basically excellent academic instruction but coupled with very important spiritual example," said Fernando De Larranaga.

Even though their school is in Colombia, Assumption Abbey is the genesis.

"And come back with a renewed spirit of service, and a clear vision of what to do for the future," said De Larranaga.

De Larranaga says virtues learned at his Catholic school in Colombia tie consistently to Assumption Abbey.

"Go back to 52 years ago and say, gosh, that's also what we had then, so nothing has changed!" said De Larranaga.

Luis Ortiz recalls a conversation with his principal that followed him through his job as a financial consultant and marketing analyst.

"And so I asked Father Francis, what do you think is the meaning of power? And he answered to me, Mr. Ortiz, the meaning of power, to me, is service," said Ortiz.

Ortiz says the continuation of Catholic Benedictine values are what shape alumni for the future.

"When the students graduate and they work they go all the way down to fight for what they believe is the correct path," said Ortiz.

Both DeLarranaga and Ortiz say visiting the abbey for Easter is refreshing to bring back to their daily lives at home in Colombia and Mexico.

Ortiz says this is his first time visiting Assumption Abbey and he will take back home the monks influence, inspiration and example. ​