Clearing vents from snow during storm

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MINOT, N.D. - The Minot Fire Department says homeowners should be sure that their vents and chimneys are cleared of the snow.

Snow build up on the roof can cause a problem with proper ventilation, so it's important to get your carbon monoxide detectors checked.

Fire inspector Stuart Hammer says if your home is not heating properly be sure that your chimneys and your vents are cleared.

Hammer also says with how wet and heavy the snow is, if you are shoveling take your time and take breaks.

“We're going to want to keep those clear, there's always potential for carbon monoxide build up with any of the gases that we burn inside our homes so we want to make sure everything is venting properly and of course the sewer gas and if that gets plugged we are going to get that rotten smell inside the house, especially inside a snow storm,” Hammer said.

The fire department recommends you replace your carbon monoxide alarms every five years.

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