Cleaning Services See Unusual Business Trends

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Many businesses have been impacted by the pandemic.

Cleaning services are experiencing unusual swings in business.

Mandan based Anco Cleaning Company has seen an increase in their commercial services but a downswing in residential business.

Owner Andra Miller says most of her elderly, residential clientele have suspended service due to fears of her team contaminating their homes.
However, she says not to worry because they are taking extra precautions to keep themselves and their customers safe.

"We sat down our employees and educated them on the safety precautions to take. We talked to them about the difference between cleaning versus disinfecting. There's a huge difference in disinfecting. That's really what we want to be paying attention to," Miller says.

Miller says her team is making sure to use the proper products and keeping them on surfaces long enough to disinfect the area.
On top of that, Anco employees are instructed to wear gloves and booties, avoid touching their faces, wash hands and disinfect equipment when they leave a project.

Miller says her services are an added layer of protection in these times and are good for people who have trouble disinfecting their homes themselves.