Claims and counterclaims regarding DAPL protest incident

Published: Oct. 20, 2016 at 6:37 PM CDT
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Wednesday night we told you about the incident involving three journalists at a Dakota Access Pipeline Resistance Camp from law enforcement.

Today, we have comments on what happened from one of the reporters claiming to be attacked and a spokesperson for the camp.

Camp spokesperson Joye Braun says protesters welcome media into the camp as long as they check in and wear media passes. But, journalist Phelim McAleer says it was the tough questions Tuesday that upset some protesters.

Phelim McAleer says he couldn't leave his car after Dakota Access Pipeline demonstrators surrounded and threatened him. Demonstrator Joye Braun says that's not true.

"All of the people were actually behind the vehicle, so they lied in there, when they're saying their vehicle is being rocked, you can see from their own video that it was not being rocked, they were being asked to leave," said Joye Braun, indigenous Environmental Network.

Morton County law enforcement says they're investigating Tuesday's incident involving two other journalists interviewing people at a protest camp. Parts of the altercation were recorded where McAleer is seen struggling with a protester, which he says, started because of a question.

"If they can't answer difficult questions without resorting to violence, I mean, what does it say about their movement, if a journalist asking difficult questions, means they have to be protected by the police," said McAleer.

Braun says the journalists weren't following media protocol at the camp by taking video of minors without permission and not wearing media passes. She also says they hit a camp security official with their vehicle when leaving the camp.

"We do welcome media there's a lot of media in camp, we go through a lot of media passes every single day," said Braun.

McAleer says he wanted to tell a story showing all sides of the protest. He says they may press charges.

The Sacred Stone Camp has released a statement on its Facebook page about the event and is asking anyone who has photos or video of what happened to send it to them.

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