City of Minot starts monthly digital newsletter

MINOT, N.D. - If you want to find out what's happening in Minot, from government to road projects, look no further than the new Minot newsletter.

The city's Public Information office spearheaded this project and released their first newsletter this past week.

The monthly newsletter will be released the Thursday after each City Council meeting. Public Information Officer Derek Hackett said the city will focus on updating the public on road construction.

“Construction updates are gonna be key to a lot of our newsletters. People are gonna want to know what's happening on Broadway Bridge, when Burdick Expressway starts,” said Hackett.

If you want to subscribe to the newsletter, it's fairly simple. You can log on to the city's website:, and submit your email.

You'll receive the monthly newsletter in your inbox the moment it's sent out and it's user-friendly for your smartphone.

The newsletter will also including a 'Throwback Thursday,' where longtime Minot resident and alderman Dave Lehner will offer a look-back into part of the city's history, starting with 3rd Street.

“A lot of people don't realize what 3rd Street was. Minot in the early days was known as little Chicago,” said Lehner.

Hackett said digital works best, but he hopes to start a paper newsletter in the future.

Hackett also said he has roughly a thousand subscriptions already, which is not bad for the first week, but he said he wants to grow that number.