City of Minot one step closer to allowing backyard hens within city limits

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Members of the Animal ordinance committee in Minot passed a recommendation to allow backyard-hens within city limits.

The recommendation would follow Fargo's current ordinance which allows 4 hens and has specific parameters regarding the coop, run, and the proximity to neighbors land.

Another issue brought forward from the public was Salmonella and how easily it could spread.

“The proper handling of chickens is you know you wash your hands when you’re done, you have separate shoes. It's good to have a separate jacket or whatever and you can get salmonella from vegetables, it's not just chickens it's not just eggs,” said Sara Bloom, member of the animal ordinance committee.

The recommendation will go to full city council for review. The committee will also have an informational meeting on Pitbull and breeds next Thursday at 7 p.m. at the Municipal auditorium which is open to the public.