City of Minot declares snow emergency

MINOT, N.D. - The City of Minot has officially declared a snow emergency. Minot's City Council approved an emergency declaration Friday afternoon at a special meeting.

The act opens the door for potential state funding to assist with the costs that have come with removing snow from the 550 miles of city streets.

To date, the city has hired at least five different private contractors to clear snow following the three major snow events.

The city's emergency fund for 2016 has roughly $750,000. City leaders say they have cut into that amount to remove snow, but they don't know how much yet, because bills are still rolling in.

“A snow emergency exists in the city of Minot, North Dakota, and orders the activation and utilization of city Minot emergency fund and the city of Minot emergency operations plan, its procedures, attachments, and appendices, to monitor the situation, alleviate hardship and initiate appropriate relief action and mitigation measures by departments and agencies of local government to limit the impact of this emergency upon the citizens of the city of Minot,” said Alderman Dave Lehner, reading the declaration.

It's the city's first snow emergency declaration since February of 2011.

The last emergency declaration for the city was for flooding concerns in 2014.