City of Minot Road Construction Update

There are multiple construction projects happening throughout the Magic City. The City of Minot says that all of their annual street maintenance projects are active.

On Broadway the city is replacing sections of concrete panels north of the bridge. They have completed the panels in the outside lanes and are switching the flow of traffic so that they can replace the inside lanes now. 30th avenue Northwest is getting completely redone. The road was deteriorating past repair. The city is also finishing chip sealing this week.

"30th avenue total reconstruction. That takes time that takes a lot of money. If we can get to roads when they are still in pretty good condition, get a chip seal on them that helps to seal the surface to keep the water out if there had been any cracks developing and ti will keep that pavement in a good condition longer,” says Emily Huettl the City of Minot Assistant Engineer.

The city will be fog sealing some of the roads around town to finish the chip sealing project. Fog sealing takes a couple hours to dry so cars will not be allowed on the roads when that takes place. A couple of the most traveled road that will be impacted are 21st avenue Northwest and 3rd street Northeast. The city wants to remind drivers to take it slow through construction zones to help keep everyone safe.