City of Minot Legislative Goals

MINOT, N.D. - With the kick-off of the 2019 state legislative session last week, we wanted to look into what Minot's goals were this biennium.

Tom Barry, Minot's city manager told us there are three main goals that Minot wants to get through this session. The first being HUB City funding.

The Prairie dog bill is going to hearing on Tuesday. With the revised formula, Barry says he is excited about the new infrastructure package.

The second main issue is the flood control appropriation process.

Barry wants to get people out harms way, but says they will need 100 to 100 and 5 million in appropriations for this next biennium.

The third topic is the legacy fund low interest revolving loan fund.

"It will allow the city to access, along with other cities throughout the state to have access to the legacy fund. Either earnings or principal depending upon what the legislature ends up deciding. But the opportunity for low interest revolving loan funds could be huge for us. Particularly for our flood control project that could save us about a hundred million dollars over the life of the project,” said Tom Barry, Minot’s City Manager.

City leaders are prepared for several challenges they might face in the legislative session regarding property tax limitation and special assessments.

"There is always the challenge of having bills that get introduced that either compromise what we can do as a city or inadvertently undermine what we can do as a city or outright challenge what we can do as a city. And those are concerning to us,” said Tom Barry.

Barry says it is very important for city representatives to be present and involved in the state legislative process. That is why Barry and Mayor Sipma are headed to the Prairie Dog bill hearing on Tuesday.