City of Bismarck prepared for winter storms

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BISMARCK, N.D. - The City of Bismarck has been working around the clock to make sure roads are clear.

Snow is expected to continue falling through Thursday, and road crews began preparing for the first winter storm of the season on Sunday, long before precipitation hit the pavement.

And they'll still be plowing through drifts after it stops snowing.

Bismarck snow plow crews have 350 miles of road to clear, and they don't make just one pass. The storm that hit Monday requires each street is done three or four times over a two or three day period.

"Since this storm is going to last for three days, we had to plan to be on 24/7 at least through Thursday and into Friday," says Jeff Heintz, Public Works. .

The Public Works Department began working this storm on Sunday, applying a beet juice and salt water brine mixture to reduce ice build-up.

Because there's so much moisture in the snow that's falling, motorists need to be careful when driving and when vehicles are in park.

"This is going to be very difficult snow to remove. If your car is sitting on the street and we have to go around it, it may be difficult to get your car out. So this is the type of storm where you want to get your car off the street," says Heintz.

Major roads are being plowed first, side streets come second.

"There's usually a snow emergency route within a couple blocks of everybody's home so that once you get to those, you can make your way to where you're going," says Heintz.

Public Works borrowed equipment and drivers from the forestry, water and solid waste departments to staff all shifts and keep plows moving snow day and night.

You still have time to get your vehicle off the street before residential areas are plowed overnight.