Christmas trees for Minot Air Force Base

MINOT, N.D. - Christmas trees are a holiday tradition, but when you are serving our country away from family that tradition can mean a whole lot more.

That is why Eagles Wings Church in Minot wanted to step up and help.

Thirty-five Christmas trees! That's how many trees Eagles Wings has given to Minot Air Force Base families.

"A lot of people in this city support our Air Force base and they support our troops that our here. We have had a really good response. People have bought one or two trees for people, three trees and just donate them. Saying we don't want one for ourselves but we want to give them to the military,” says Ed Buerkle, Eagles Wings Prayer Team coordinator.

A crew loaded a pickup truck full of Frasier Furs to bring a little holiday cheer and say "thank you" to the airmen in the community.

"Being in the military, sometimes you don't go home to see family. Sometimes you're here and it is just a way to distribute some joy. To make the holidays a little earlier, yo have something to decorate to have a tree to bless them, togive them some hope and joy with everything they are doing,” said Buerkle.

Buerkle and the trees made the trek up to base, and shortly after arriving, military members had the chance to come get a free Christmas tree with a little note from the community.

"Thank you for your service.. aww,” said a couple getting a tree.

Putting the twinkle back into the eyes of the families on base. Many now have a beautiful tree to call their own.

Picking a tree was easy, the airmen seemed to know exactly which one was for them.

"Once the trees got there they were gone within two hours,” said Buerkle.

Bringing some holiday magic to our neighbors to the north.

If you would like to purchase a tree to be given to families on base Eagles Wings will be open one last day, Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. They have just under 30 trees left.