Christmas presents for pets

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Christmas is the time for giving, and that includes giving to your furry friends as well.

Local owners were going squeakers to buy their pet the perfect Christmas gift.

According to, in 2011 owners spent an average of $5 billion on their pet during the holiday season, and that doesn't stop them from spending more.

"Some people come in and buy just a new little cat toy, and some people come in and spend a hundred bucks or more on their pet," said Jessica Stephens, employee at KT Animal Supply.

Buying your pet a Christmas gift is becoming more of the norm.

"All of our children are grown and gone, so our chocolate lab that we have is our new child. So we spend a lot of money throughout the year, but more so at Christmas time to give him new toys," said David Becker, KT Animal Supply Owner.

Owners dress their pets up in holiday outfits, buy them new toys, and even a few bones just to make their tail wag.

Kim Leingang dyed her dog, Shutz, hair red and green. She says she gets the whole family involved in K-9 Christmas.

"I have kids, too, so they get to help the animals open their presents, too. So that's always more fun and it's fun buying for the dogs, too," said Kim Leingang, Lincoln resident.

According to, the top gift to buy your dog this season is the exclusively Pet Perfect Pooch gift pack.