Chmielewski Christmas Corner may close

BISMARCK, N.D. - A home decorated for more than a decade with Christmas lights and over the top displays is now under fire for the surplus of cars it brings to the neighborhood.

The Chmielewski Christmas Corner brings hundreds of people every night during the holidays to view the display. However, this past weekend they had a neighbor complain, and now they might shut down.

The Chmielewski family posted on their Facebook page earlier this week saying they didn't know whether or not the long standing tradition would continue because of complaints made by a new neighbor.

A different neighbor commented on the post and now she's receiving threats because she complained about people parking in her driveway.

The Chmielewski Christmas Corner brings lights, displays and cars, lots of cars.

"We didn't know it was affecting the neighbors the way it was until now. We always thought everyone enjoyed it. Which we completely understand why they're frustrated. The traffic does get really intense out here," said Jacob Chmielewski.

A neighbor of the family says she's moving away. Darlene has spent four Christmas' in the neighborhood and says she didn't see the traffic situation getting better. That's the reason she says she decided to move.

But many people say there are solutions to this problem.

"Whether it be directing traffic or standing at the corner with a crossing guard sign with the stop sign saying, 'ok everybody stop so these people can cross the street,'" said Dennette Zenker, Bismarck resident.

The Chmielewski's hope they can stay open, but if they do close, they say it will only be for a year or two.

The family will decide what to do with the Christmas Corner moving forward this weekend.

They apologize for the harassment their neighbors have received from the post about their potential closure on Facebook